A Note From The Pastor Clipart

What If….?

        We are certainly living in an unusual and unprecedented season. As we all navigate our way through the pandemic and “stay home” orders, we are adding new phrases to our vocabulary. “Social distancing” and “ self-quarantine” are now common. While I obey the safety protocols and spend much more time communicating on the computer, I have been observing the levels of frustration, anxiety and fear increase in individuals. People want answers to what is yet unknown, and the lack of control is amping up fears for future gatherings and

“normal” life.

         I am reminded of a television movie I was watching recently, the main characters were playing a “What if…?” game, where they were letting their past regrets and hurts influence their future hopes and plans. It’s a game that most of us have played in moments of reflection or indecision. What if I had not gotten angry and said those hateful words? What if I make the wrong choice and get hurt? What if I had been more adventurous and gone on that trip? What if I never get this chance again? And on it goes…

            So I started playing a version of the “What if…?” game as I thought about the early church in those postresurrection days, and where we are today. Think about it. What if Peter and the other disciples lived their faith like many of us in the American church do today? What if they had said, “Well, things just aren’t the same as they used to be when Jesus was here with us, so we’ll just wait and meet together once a week, for our own encouragement, in Galilee until he comes back for us.”? What if they had let the disinterest and hostility (people were trying to kill them!) of their culture make them timid and reluctant to share the Truth of Jesus’ resurrection because they did not want to be challenged? What if those fishermen, tax-collectors, etc. had not been willing to get out of their comfort zone and trust God with new experiences in reaching out to unknown people?

Where would the Church be today?

        Now, What if we in the Church today were more like those early disciples? What if we speak boldly and unashamedly about our faith in Christ because we have experienced the reality of new life? What if our daily lives reflect joy, peace and hope in good times and bad- especially in the bad, like CoVid 19 pandemics? What if we give generously to others because we trust in God’s future provisions? What if we celebrate each of God’s blessings and see every situation and person we meet as an opportunity to share God’s grace? What if sharing the Love and Truth of Jesus is the most important task of the Church: more important than our plans, our structures, our finances, our worship styles, or what makes us comfortable? 

Where could the Church be tomorrow?

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” Jeremiah 29:11

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